Fresh Pea and Carrot Salad with Crostini and Cashews

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When I make a salad, it is never going to be boring! I love combining flavours, colours and textures… So in my opinion a proper salad has to have a few green leaves, something crunchy, cheese, fresh herbs, and a simple dressing with olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar and a little bit of salt. And obviously a slice of bread to eat the salad with.

For this salad, I combined toasted cashew nuts, toasted diced bread (to make crostini), finely sliced purple carrots and orange carrots, fresh peas, and buffalo mozzarella (crumbled feta would work well too). All seasoned with a dressing made with olive oil, finely chopped basil, salt and lemon juice.

Fresh Pea and Carrot Salad with Crostini and Cashews

Difficulty: Easy Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 5 mins Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 2


For the dressing


  1. Toast the cashew nuts in a pan for 3 minutes or until golden. Place on a plate and set aside. Use the same pan to toast the bread dices with a little drizzle of olive oil. Set aside.
  2. Wash all the veggies. Place the green leaves in a large bowl. Finely slice the carrots (I used a potato peeler) and slice part of them in discs. Add the carrots to the green salad, together with the peas (leave some pea snaps to garnish the plate). Prepare the dressing by combining all the ingredients and pour over the salad and mix well.
  3. Divide the salad into two plates. Add the buffalo mozzarella, crostini and cashews, garnish with pea snaps (open in halves) and basil leaves, and drizzle with a bit of olive oil before serving.
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